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These supplement our ranking criteria and include: Get the best rankings here AND get them to suit your personal needs. If you have any questions about our ranking methodology, please contact us.Citations: For a broader account of our ranking methodology, especially as it relates to The Best’s underlying educational philosophy and, in other ranking articles, looks beyond academic excellence (as here) to such factors as return on investment or incidental benefit, see our article “Ranking Methodology: How We Rank Schools at TBS.” Reputation of schools and degree programs can at least in part be gauged through the rankings of other well-known educational ranking companies.Online colleges and universities differ widely in quality.Also, more and more campus-based schools are competing for online students and offering online degrees.

Online offerings include degrees in fields such as technology, engineering, education, healthcare, business, and more.The major metrics and qualities for which we rank are these (with expanded, detailed considerations and weights listed): 1.Academic excellence based on a school’s curriculum generally or within the selected discipline [weight = 25%] Because students tend to review a variety of information when choosing a school, the weight a student gives any one criterion will vary.Here are the seven regional accreditation agencies: .Here is how we do it: The value of any ranking list of schools and/or degree programs depends on having a methodologically sound assessment of each school’s/program’s characteristics, especially insofar as these can be objectively measured.

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